Box of Sunshine

Hey friends! It’s Melanie and Steffany from Find it, Make it, Love it. We’re so happy to be here sharing Memorial Day with you! What are your Memorial Day plans?! Camping? BBQing? Working in the yard? Maybe even swimming? Memorial day is the kick off to summer. I gotta say though, here in Utah it hasn’t felt much like May yet-we’ve had rain, cold, and more rain, but there is sunshine in the forecast! Hallelujah! Today we are matching the sunny forecast with this cute Sunshine in a Box craft. Sunshine in a box (2)


Isn’t it bright and cheerful?! It’s also a breeze to make! Here’s what you need:

    • Stain
    • Paint
    • Vinyl
    • Brushes

First step, place the pieces in the box and take note which side of the pieces you’ll be painting. Then take out the pieces and set them aside. Sunshine in a box (4) Start by staining the box. You’ll stain all the sides and the inside bottom. Set it aside to dry. Sunshine in a box (1)


Now, time to paint the sunshine. Sunshine in a box (3)


Paint the pieces as shown in the picture below. We used 3 colors of yellow (Straw, Crocus Yellow, Custard Cream) and white. Be sure to paint the sides of each piece too. Two to three coats is just right.


Once the circle piece is dry, apply the vinyl. We decided to do a custom vinyl for ours using our Silhouette, but the Wood Connection has vinyl for this project that says “You are my sunshine.” We love both options! Sunshine in a box (5)


When everything is dry, place the pieces in the box. You can glue them in place if you choose using wood glue, or even hot glue. Now, sit back and welcome the summer sunshine with your bright and cheery sunshine in a box!Sunshine in a box (6)


We weren’t kidding, that was quick right? It’s just perfect for Spring and Summer!


For lots more crafts and some great Spring and Summer ideas head over to our site and we’ll hook you up with things like:


Campfire Apple S'more-Gluten free s'more (2)


Apple S’mores




Easy lollipops to make with kids using Jolly Rancher candies and lollipop sticks! Easy and fun, perfect summer activity


Jolly Rancher Lollipops


We hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day!


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